the Mystery Method (MM) is your proven game plan for creating a lifestyle filled with unlimited choices. I created it, and if you'll allow me the privilege, I'll be your . it with me all the time and read it every day. When Sharon Lechter sent me a copy of Outwitting Neil Strauss - The Game - Mystery Method - Pickup Artists. Neil Strauss - The Game - Mystery Method - Pickup Artists - The Mystery method: how to get beautiful women into bed / Mystery; foreword by Neil.

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The Mystery - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book Method - Style's Archives - Volume 4 - Jealously Guarded Inner Game Techniques. Pua Text Game. Uploaded by. Kagiso Mokalake · Captain Jack - Mystery Method eClass Lesson 1. Uploaded by. Ace-ova King · Mystery Method - The venusian. All Rights Reserved. The Chain of Coaches and Companies Teaching Mystery Method. Originated Techniques. Mystery Method Corp. The 3 Second Rule. PUA Artist. The Game () · Revelation ().

But emotionally, rejection can be a punishing experience.

According to mystery method, you can't avoid rejection. It isn't the solution to avoid being vulnerable. Rather, the solution is to embrace your vulnerability, to embrace rejection, and let the Field show you what is good and what is bad.

Most approach anxiety is a result of imagined rejections, not real ones. Neg The purpose of the neg is to actively demonstrate disinterest by disqualifying one's self as a suitor, or by falsely disqualifying the target.

Mystery Method - Rules Of Attraction

The often-quoted example are the comments: Oh, well they're nice anyway. Demonstration of High Value DHV According to mystery method, people have a strong emotional reaction to people with significantly higher value.

Men will have an emotional reaction to exceptionally beautiful women. This emotional reaction causes them to feel an adrenaline rush, and to act in a 'weird' way around the target female. An very attractive woman causes this reaction in the majority of men, so mystery teaches that she will subconsciously believe that any male who appears emotionally unreactive to her is of higher value than she, and she will feel attracted.

Negging is also a DHV, because only a high value guy would talk to her like that, and seem sincere. She will think that you must already have girls if you talk in such a way. Can we be honest?

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Jump to: They aren't. Fun and Stimulation Just as she tends to avoid discomfort, so she is also attracted to fun and stimulation.

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Once her safety has been secured, of course. Attractive women are often found on boats or dance floors, in parties or nice cars, and around bad boys and rich men.

These things are much more compelling than being a nice guy. Familiarity breeds contempt.

This is preferable to appearing tough or 'deep. They love this. Reference: 1.The 3 second rule : You must immediately approach the target or in a set within 3 seconds when entering the venue.

It can be a few minutes here, a few hours there, etc. Interesting, but take it with a grain of salt.

What makes the book so exciting is that Mystery has a totally different approach to women. Just as men can't help being attracted to big boobs, even if they're fake, women can't help but be attracted to men who demonstrate a high social value.

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