First off you'll want to remove Turbo Lister and any other site software you may have on your computer. This will limit site's ability to link you to another site. site & PayPal Incognito Stealth eBook PDF. 1. Chapter 1: Why did your account suddenly get suspended? If you have had an account limited. Please note site Stealth is copyrighted and not for resale or re-distribution. Let׳s get started! form, use primoPDF to convert any file into a PDF file.).

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I understand by VBA that they are virtual bank accounts, I suppose they do them as follows: You open a bank account in the USA in a bank that. PDF DOWNLOAD ( EDITION) Thank You for downloading site Stealth! Remember to visit the site Suspension Forums for anyquestions, comments or. PayPal accounts, head to @ ​holranskicknonpco.ga With any new It's like this because PayPal and site suspect you are not allowed to access the account and.

Withdrawing too much money over a longer period of time without supplying your SS number. This is a quick way to get shut down.

Keep it conservative, and build up your momentum. Being Linked to a Previously Limited Account: You never want make that 2. Even if you change the IP, clear the cookies and not the flash cookies, you will still be linked and PayPal will flag that and suspend it.

Sudden Change in Activity: This is very common, especially for Internet Marketers who may be setting releasing a new product. So watch out!

This is something new that PayPal is implementing. The reason why they started this is because in they are going to start reporting to the IRS, and they want each account to be linked to a S. S number. PayPal does not want you to accept payments for: Otherwise plan on having hundreds of 3. PayPal accounts because they will catch on. But I guess there will always be people trying to take advantage of others.

Those people just are scum. Chapter 2: Understanding How "They" Track You! Services such as PayPal and site amongst others have a complex system that tracks each individual user.

The reason why they want to track people is to avoid Scammers from abusing their system. But in the mix of things, they end up and prevent legitimate business owners from using the system. PayPal will track you via the follow methods: I have provided a video below that will show you how to change your IP address in a few minutes. Email Address: You would think this is obvious; however some people still try to sign up with a new account, using a new email address.

They will track your domain names! I highly suggest you use Gmail. Cookies are just little bytes of information that a website will place on your computer that will give them basic information. We all know what cookies are.

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PayPal and site use cookies, to identify an individual 6. Please review the Clearing cookies chapter on the best methods and free tools to use. Flash Cookies: This is where people fail next.

These people would then proceed to setup a new PayPal and site account and think they are in the clear. Then BAM within hours, or after the first transaction their account is suspended. They never cleared the Flash cookies, and this is another method being used to trace you.

So please review the video on how to clear Flash cookies. Personal Info: This again should be obvious.

You should always use a alias of your name. Example of Real name: I always try to use name close to my real name, just in case I have to get a Check, then I can Cash it. So I use variations of first, middle and last name. Since PayPal and site rarely ever send you a piece of mail unless you choose this method to confirm address Always use a different address with the same Zip Code as your Bank Account. Why same Zip Code? Well, when you confirm your address, the only thing they check is to make sure the Address Zip Code matches the Credit Card Zip Code I will go more into this later Country: I know a lot of people have tried to make US based accounts from other countries.

This is a REAL quick way to get flagged. You can only accomplish this if you have a private proxy service that will give you the IP of that country.

And this can be expensive. Phone Number: Again, this should be obvious, however some people still TRY to link their phone to another account. I go through this in detail in the Account setup Section. Bank Info: A bank account can only be attached to one account. I will show you how to get a bunch of bank accounts to use. This is very similar to the bank account. A card number can only be linked with 1 account. I will show you how to get a bunch of Cards to use. If you have linked a shopping cart directly to your PayPal account without using a 3 party service, then you NEVER want to rd link that domain, or any other domain that shares the same hosting service to another PayPal account.

PayPal will record that domain and any relevant information, and flag it. So if they see it pop up on another account, it can 9. Never mix and match PayPal accounts with site accounts. And when you are making a new site account, use the same precautions.

Email Beacons: See email Accounts Social Security: This is the magic information. The reason why I say that, is in the US most accounts remain limited for ever because the account holder either does not want to provide this information, or this information is linked with a previous account. Just like the other info. In some countries, this information is not even request and in those countries creating, sustaining a PayPal account is much easier for those reasons. If you understand how you are being tracked, you will understand how to work around the system and never have a problem with creating a new account again.

Chapter 3: I got limited now what?! When people panic, they usually do something stupid that will just continue to mess them up. There is always a reason for limitation, and 9 times out of 10, it will be due to one of the reasons previously discussed. Sometimes PayPal will only require a few things, like proof of suppliers, or proof of delivery. I got limited with money in the account!

This has happened just about to everyone who uses PayPal. Now, if this happens and you are unable to lift the limitation, then the money is as —good-as gone… for days. After days PayPal will release the money to you and will become available for wither Check or Bank Transfer. I always recommend the bank transfer, this will eliminate any issues that may arise with a check, in case you use a fake address or fake name. Just remember NOT to close This may have raised a flag, then PayPal has limited me.

So in this case, what I had to do was refund that money to the person, and have them send it to another account.

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I will go more into depth of this later. So if you ever get notification of limitation: Create new account and start over. Chapter 4: Should I Continue to use PayPal? Whether you create a new account or not is completely up to you! I can remember the first of many times waking up, checking my email just to find out my account had been limited.

This occurred in I was Shocked! I didn't know a company could do this, and to make matters worth, me and my roommate at the time were business partners. We sold cellular phones site in huge quantities. They asked for proof of shipment, SSN, proof of supplier, utility bills, and Identification. We supplied all of that information, but they simply told us they no longer wanted to do business with us.

Keep in mind, this was money we needed to pay our suppliers and bills. After that, I swore I would never use PayPal again. Fortunately, at the time we site still was allowing the use of money orders, so we just started to take Money orders. However, 6 years later and about 15 limited accounts.. I'm back and not going anywhere. You hate to admit it, but PayPal is the largest online payment processor. They have brand recognition all over the world. They are good at what they do, and that's the bottom line.

They've beaten countless lawsuits, and competitors. PayPal is a name people associate with "trust". There are issues that I hate about PayPal their seller protection but that's another So, to answer your question..

I would not stop using PayPal simple because they limited one of your accounts. I would keep using their service as long as you know how to do it the right way to avoid any frustration of being shut down within days of opening up accounts.

Chapter 5: How to Create a New Account. Before you create a New Account, you will need the following to make it a confirmed account: New Email Address Gmail Preferred 2. Alias Name 3. Address 4. New Credit Card or Debit Card information. New Bank Account Information.

New Phone Number. Please refer to Chapter 2 Section on Emails.

Use any basic address, PayPal will never send you anything, so this does not really matter. But you should always remember to use the same Zip code as the Zip on your credit or debit card. This is how PayPal "Confirms" the address. Unless you opt to have them send you a confirmation in the mail. There are a number of different ways to go about getting a new debit card or Credit card.

With my bank, it's very easy to report my card lost or stolen. So when I go to the branch and report my card as lost or stolen they will issue me a temporary card.

This card I can use for a new account. Then in about days they will send me my new official card with my name on it, and I can use this card for another PayPal account. Don't forget, PayPal does not track the name on the card, they only want to make sure the Zip code matches the zip code to the address.

You provide. So if you are going to be using the bank card, credit card trick, it will be important to have the same zip code. Another way around this is by getting a pre-paid gift card, the best one and most trusted is using a Simon Gift card If you use a Simon card, you will be able to use any zip code, as the card is not attached with an particular Zip code.

Like most gift cards, you have to download a card that has a pre-set amount on it, plus some sort of activation fee. So once you link the card to your PayPal account, you can just go spend it at the grocery store or something. There are other options and pre-paid gift cards. And some of the people who sell you these VCC's are shady. Bank Account: What I do is pretty simple. My bank allows me to have multiple checking and savings accounts.

So if I ever need a new account, I simply visit the location let them know I need a new account and 5 minutes later I have a new account. There are a ton of different banks out there, so push come to shove, if you bank won't let you open a new account, just open up another account at a different Bank.

It is illegal for PayPal to request information from the bank such as account owner name and what not, so don't worry about PayPal finding out who you Just open the account up as usual, and go from there: It's very easy to get a new phone number for verification purposes that are really cheap.

What I've been doing very successfully of the past few years is by downloading a TracFone. This is a prepaid phone. They come pre loaded with 30 minutes, so that's more than enough minutes to verify the phone number.

You can use this same number to register a new site seller account also if you want to. The phones expire in 60 days. So if you have a good running account, you won't have to every worry about having to link another phone to it.

Once you have read that information, and understand it, you can start the account creation process. I'm going to do this in steps for you. If you are on a dial up service, you can simply log off, wait a little while then log back onto the service and Account Creation Steps: Make sure you have everything in place First, refer to the checklist.

These steps should be completed after, and only after you have done the previous steps and you have double and triple checked your IP has changed, and you cookies and flash cookies are gone.

Up to now, you should have everything you need to create the new account, So now, it's safe for you to go to paypal. This way you can keep track of which Accounts Have been access from which IP address and Mac Address so you don't mess anything up. Importance of Multiple Accounts. What I suggest you do based on years of dealing with PayPal is to setup 5 Active accounts and 5 dormant accounts.

The active accounts are accounts that you want to be fully verified and confirmed. This way, if anything ever happens to one of the active accounts, you can plan accordingly and make any necessary changes to your checkout process, to eliminate any problems that may arise. A Dormant account, is basically a "Basic - unconfirmed and verified" account. The reason why you want these is so if you ever need to use a new account, the account will have an activation date months prior, so it's not like it's a brand new account.

Setup these accounts like normal, you want to make sure you follow the same procedures when setting up these accounts.

All you will need is a Fresh Name, Address and Email address. The other info like Bank, CC, and Phone you can fill in at a later date.


Chapter 6: You will want to make sure you employ a good bit of strategy when using your PayPal accounts. There are several methods that will be best, some not safe, and some are really safe. In this chapter I'm going to discuss the absolute best ways to take advantage of your PayPal accounts.

Unsafe Method If you have a long standing PayPal account that has been active for years, you can probably get away with this method.

However, this is not the case for most internet marketers, as PayPal will always find ways to shut down people who sell digital delivery items.. If you have a long standing PayPal account, I don't suggest using this method anyway, because you're risking a good account.

The advantage: Your money is going directly to your primary account, and you don't have to worry about 3rd party services. If PayPal is your primary merchant you will be in big trouble if your account is limited.. And can be a big hiccup especially during a launch where you will receive a ton of money in bulk. Semi-Safe Method always have a backup PayPal account ready to go This method I have used pretty successfully, up until about a month ago.

I first thought that I could get away with using 1 PayPal account if I could "hide" where the money was coming from via using a 3rd part checkout. The other advantage about a 3rd party checkout system is if you are changing your IP around regularly, you can still log in to the 3rd part site like Digital Product delivery, or e-junkie and track your sales..

Without the fear of logging into PayPal from the wrong IP address. The other good thing about this method, is if you have had a specific URL linked with your PayPal account that has been limited.. So if you open up a new PayPal account to accept payments from that website.. Guess what, PayPal will link you and you're PayPal account will be limited to being linked to a bad account.

Now, if you use a 3rd party payment system, your domain is linked with them, not linked with PayPal and most 3rd part systems won't share information. The Downfall to this system, is that you are still at risk of getting limited. How, if you are not being linked??

What is site Stealth? What does all that mean?

You WILL learn how to crank out new accounts with ease. You can learn how to create accounts from someone else, but what good is it if you just keep getting suspended again and again. I outline the exact step-by-step process you need to take to keep your new stealth accounts running smoothly.

Depending on your type of suspension, you can actually get some if not all of your site and PayPal accounts back. There is no legal risk involved. You could even have a police officer watching the entire process with no risk.

sitestealth.pdf - site Stealth 3.0 A Complete Guide to a...

If your account is limited and site is waiting for your to send them proof of identity, then you NEED to read my guide. I show you how to send documents without worrying about identity theft or revealing a single piece of information more then what is needed to lift your account. Without site, a lot of people would lose the bulk of their income. Following my methods you will never again be left empty handed waiting for a response from site or PayPal.

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Hi Guys.. I got my money back by page 9…Some sections Very Very Frank…Secrets they do NOT want us to find out…So-in my opinion…this book will save u hundreds if not thousands in terms of wasted time, loosing accts,not making sales without it… —as a Veteran Platinum Power Seller.. Best Regards. I Just wanted to say a big thank you. Have only got through the first few pages and am feeling rather confident about the whole process.

I am determined to get it right! Thanks again for producing such an excellent guide. I actually just downloadd it about 2 months ago. I now have a account up and running. This is by far the best e-book ever. I have been back on site for approx 5 mos.

My choice is to just maintain one account and stay low key. To anyone who wants to get back on site, this book is for you. Best to keep a low key for a while! Thank you site Stealth for all the info to help us! This ebook is like gold! I wish I had this so long ago! It is like ebook bible for site and Paypal. I keep reading and reading it again to make sure I have absorbed every word. Thanks Aspkin! I bought it a little over a year ago and the investment has paid itself back thousand-fold.

site stealth was MUCH better. To the point and very well written. I wish it had been the first one I downloadd, that would have saved time and money.

That is all. I can not describe how valuable the information in this book are, I really believe if any one own this book he can own unlimited number of verified stable site accounts.

I spoke to my supplier who referred me to another site seller who then directed me to this site.These are great because they're issued by a bank and not just the store so they're good anywhere.

They've beaten countless lawsuits, and competitors. Since PayPal and site rarely ever send you a piece of mail unless you choose this method to confirm address Always use a different address with the same Zip Code as your Bank Account.

Sudden Change in Activity: If you have questions support is just a click away! I wish it had been the first one I downloadd, that would have saved time and money. Your 1st PayPal account will collect the profits from the 3rd party cart, however it will not be responsible for withdrawing the funds. So when I go to the branch and report my card as lost or stolen they will issue me a temporary card.

PayPal is a name people associate with "trust".

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