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Novel Terjemahan Harry Potter | E Books | Books Harry Potter ebook free download epub,engineering ebooks download engineering com,free. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone by J.K. lit, chm, djvu, exe, prc, epub. novel terjemahan online pdf That Holds Me The Rocker, 1, by Terri Anne Browning Novel Romance, Fiksi ErotisTerjemahan Bahasa Indonesia. {EpUb} Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone By J.K. Rowling Download Free!! Hello friends are you searching a Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone {J.K.

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Dumbledore also reveals how Harry harry potter 1 bahasa indonesia able to defeat Quirrell: Harry, Ron, and Hermione are rewarded with house points for their heroic performances, tying them for first place with Slytherin. Dumbledore then awards ten points to Neville Longbottomwho had attempted to stop his friends, giving Gryffindor enough points to win the House Cup. Harry returns home for the summer, happy to finally have a real home in Hogwarts.

Daftar pemeran film Harry Potter List of Harry Harry potter 1 bahasa indonesia cast members Rowling harry potter 1 bahasa indonesia that the cast be kept British. Columbus had wanted Radcliffe for the role since he saw him in the BBC's production of David Copperfieldbefore the open casting sessions had taken place, but had been told by Figgis that Radcliffe's protective parents would not allow their son to take the part.

A fan of the series, Grint decided he would be perfect for the part "because [he has got] ginger hair". His attempt was successful as the casting team asked for a meeting with him. Watson's Oxford theatre teacher passed her name on to the casting agents and she had to do over five interviews before she got the part. Ian McNeice was considered for the role of Vernon. Harris initially rejected the role, only to reverse his decision after his granddaughter stated she would never speak to him again if he did not take it.

Ollivanderthe owner of Ollivandersa harry potter 1 bahasa indonesia regarded wandmaker. Tim Roth was the original choice for the role, but he turned it down for Planet of the Apes.


His staff at Heyday Films then suggested Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stonewhich his assistant believed was "a cool idea. It's just a slam dunk.

Not much of loop holes, or inconsistencies. I loved the middle part of the book: Chapters ! Specially the scene of the Grotto's keep! Also, i must add here, the sketches in each of the chapters was quite well done, and add much to the overall feel of the book!

The Science of Apparition was so well explained, that it once again made me regret, why i was not a student at Hogwarts. What I disliked: 1.

James comes across as a rich kid, having loving parents including a celebrity dad , who knew his destiny since he was a child.

He's everything that Harry was NOT, as an 11 year old.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (filem) - Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu, ensiklopedia bebas

His past is untainted -- he has never felt loss and pain in any way. The initial part of the book dabbles too much with the ways of Muggles for any Muggle's liking. And James' natural talent lies in Football? Oh no!

The villain is not exactly the villain. Give us someone like The Dark Lord.

I wish we could see more of the old characters. Other than a fleeting mention, or just a few random scenes, we don't get to see them at all! Missed the trio!

Moreover, there was no mention of classes like Potions, Charms, etcetra, and the subjects introduced instead, like Technomany and Divination seemed, at least to me, too advanced for a first year!Jo left Chepstow for Exeter University, where she earned a French and Classics degree, and where her course included one year in Paris.

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry's touch burns Quirrell's skin and reduces him to dust, killing him. The villain is not exactly the villain.

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Ollivanderthe owner of Ollivandersa harry potter 1 bahasa indonesia regarded wandmaker.

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