Ries Al, Ries Laura, The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, Symphonya. Emerging Keywords: Brand; Brand Management; Global Branding; Laws of Branding;. THE 22 IMMUTABLE LAWS OF BRANDING. The Law of Expansion: The power of brand is inversely proportional to its scope. The emphasis in most companies. marketing and specifically the laws of branding. What is Branding? From a business point of view, branding in the marketplace is very similar to.

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Branding has become the marketing buzzword for the late nineties. The 22 Immutable Laws ofBranding will give you the edge you need to build a brand that will. The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding - owl's asylum | file:///F|/Business/ Marketing/22 Immutable Laws Of undermine your creation. So. Editorial Reviews. Review. As it becomes increasingly associated with impressive.

But, since the consumer is predisposed to a brand, it is very difficult to change it.

Systems Thinking, : Managing Chaos and Complexity: A Platform for Designing Business Architecture

To be successful without spending a lot of money on downloading advertising , your goal is to find as many minds as possible yet without a formed opinion and work hard to form them. There is no truth, and what we call truth is a perception that people create in their minds.

If the quality of a car is the most important to the consumer, the leader should be the same in both markets. The curious point is that in Japan, Honda is renowned for its motorcycles.

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Therefore, the focus of marketing should always be directed at changing perceptions. Holding a specific context ensures that when people are exposed to this word, they connect it with the brand that owns the word.

Shaving blades are synonymous with Gillette. Computers are synonymous with IBM and Google means researching something. If a competitor already owns a phrase or word, do not try to use it but find something different and unique. If you try to steal the phrase or word of your rival, your marketing efforts end up strengthening the position of your competitor. The first step is the market leader; the second is the second placed and so on.

Your marketing strategy depends on the step you take on the market ladder. In some product categories, the ladder may have seven rungs, and you need to know it to build your strategy.

Al Ries - The 22 immutable laws of branding

An efficient approach realistically matches your current position with reasonable investments. There will always be two brands struggling to win a category.

Companies that do not dominate their market should strive to establish themselves as the number 2 if they want to be successful in the long run.

Turn your strengths into weaknesses. Do not try to be better and chase the opposite of him. Cars started as a single category, and today there are sports cars, luxury cars, utilities, etc.

Often companies do not understand this and believe that divisions are combining, investing in synergy. Leading brands maintain their dominance by attacking new categories with new brands. When Honda tried to hit the luxury market, for example, it created a new brand, Acura. It is a mistake to sacrifice long-term planning to improve short-term outcomes. Raising sales in the short term through the use of rebates can be positive for the company cashier, but educates consumers to download when deals occur, and this reduces profits in the long run.

When this happens, the company ends up losing its focus and failing, as it starts to try to be everything to everyone, instead of focusing on what it knows how to do. In marketing, more is less.

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The more products a company has, the lower the profits for each one. And also less is more: the smaller the niche a brand wants to occupy, the higher its position in the minds of consumers within that focal area.

Companies that try to do everything end up failing. To progress, a company should not: Offer a complete and diversified product line; Focus on expanding a brand in unrelated areas; Change strategy constantly; If a company is not prepared to make such sacrifices, it will never win.

The reason for this tactic is obvious.

It is challenging to win by replacing market leaders; So you should focus on serving any segment of the market that the leader ignores. In this segment, there will always be enough space. EatZis decided to create a new category and focused on selling restaurant meals for takeout only ie: white tablecloth, restaurant quality take-away food. A new category, separate from pizza, burgers and sandwiches they call the category the mealmarket Once competition arrives, concentrate on promoting the category to increase the size of the pie, rather than increase their slice competition can be good for publicity see chapter 11 10 The Law of the Name In the long run, a brand is nothing more than a name In the long term, the unique idea or concept disappears and what is left is the company name Xerox built the first plain paper copier.

Today all copiers are plain paper, but what distinguishes Xerox from the rest of the market is their name What is important is the perception that the name creates eg: A Rolls Royce may not really be a better car than a Jaguar or a Bentleigh, but the name suggests that it is and you have to believe it because it is the Rolls Royce of automobiles The most valuable asset of the Xerox corporation is its name it is short, unique and connotes high technology What is a Mitsubishi?

Is it a car? A television? A semiconductor? It is all of these ie; generic.

The only thing worse than a generic name is a line extended generic name eg: The Mitsubishi Fax Master nobody can distinguish it from the other fax machines. It is not unique 11 The Law of Extensions Line extension kills sales of the original brand. You dont attract more customers, but you shift customers from Acme Beer to the extended lines isnt an Acme Beer drinker more likely to try Acme Light than a Budweiser drinker?

If you extend your product you may be suggesting that the original wasnt the best. Should Evian launch Sulfate Free Water wasnt the original water good for you? Management often measures the extension rather than the new product. If the market is moving out from under you, stay where you are and launch a completely second brand ie: not ICRF-Plus2 but ABCDE brand 12 The Law of Fellowship One of the best locations from a number two brand is right across the road from the leader both brands will benefit Choice stimulates demand the competition between Coke and Pepsi makes consumers more cola conscious a monopoly makes consumers suspicious.

Look at Microsoft Competition broadens the category while allowing the brands to maintain focus But when there is too much choice, consumers get confused eg: in California there are 1, wineries and 5, brands but no brand leader Two major brands work well eg: Coke and Pepsi, Kodak and Fuji, Duracell and Energiser Often the law of Fellowship can be seen in Business Centres, Shopping Centres etc eg: the garment district on 7th Avenue or the diamond district on Forty Seventh Street or the financial centre of Wall Street It makes sense for similar businesses to be located near each other.

Similar businesses in the same area attracts more customers who can comparison shop and have a choice. Businesses can also keep an eye on their competition No brand can ever own the entire market except Windows!

The success of these companies are probably due to the fact that they were the first in the marketplace, not their names eg: National Biscuit Company was the first national biscuit company; General Electric was the first General Electric company etc The Generic names of these companies have transformed into specific names eg: - National Biscuit Company now calls itself Nabisco there are many biscuit companies, but only one Nabisco - General Electric now calls itself GE There are many general electric companies, but only one GE - National Broadcasting Corporation calls itself NBC There are many national broadcasting corporations, but only one NBC Generic names dont give the company the ability to distinguish themselves from the rest of the competition you need Brand Identity that is why ICRFS is better than Interactive Claims Reserving Forecasting System!

Try to find a regular word taken out of context and used to connote the primary attribute of the brand eg: Blockbuster for Blockbuster Video If you cut a generic name in half, you can come up with a good name eg: Intelligent Chip Company is too long and too generic but everybody knows and remembers Intel Intel is a powerful brand because it reminds consumers of the word intelligent without actually saying it Line extensions fare poorly.

This is often caused by combining the brand name with the generic name eg: Fosters Light can be perceived in the mind as Fosters light a watered down version of Fosters Sometimes the opposite is true eg: Vaseline Intensive Care is successful because people dont say, pass the Vaseline, but they say pass the Intensive Care Intensive Care has become a specific name, transformed from a generic name 14 The Law of the Company Should the brand name dominate the company name or should the company name dominate the brand name should they be given equal weight.

Brand names should almost always outweigh company names consumers download brands, not companies Unless there are compelling reasons to do otherwise, the best branding strategy should be to use the company name as the brand name eg: Coca Cola produces Coca Cola, WD40 produces WD40 etc The brand name is the word that the customers use to describe the product eg: Do you want some Coca Cola?

I bought a Cadillac today. This can be bad for the company because the name is too long eg: people dont say, Can I have the chunky soup?

When you went into a Holiday Inn, you knew what to expect. Because of all of these subbrands, you dont know what to expect Subbranding can erode the power of the core brand Market research at Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza produced the following response from guests, Its a nice hotel, but a bit expensive for a Holiday Inn. From now on the hotels will be called Crowne Plaza If I am forking out the big bucks, I want to stay at a big brand hotel Subbranding tries to push the core brand into a new direction.

Some of the conclusions can range from eye-rolling to simply laugh-out-loud in the sense that if all you have is a branding hammer, then everything looks like a branding nail.

Similarly, some of the predictions in here were proven to be totally off, but that's the nature of predictions in general. I guess it'd be more It's fun reading in the sense that People magazine can be fun reading.

Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence: Third Edition

I guess it'd be more tolerable if not for the annoyingly certain tone of the reasoning, but I suppose that's what sells these types of books. It's easy to see why this is a branding classic. It's more applicable to big national or international businesses than small ones. The examples are of Fortune companies.

But, most of the branding laws apply even to small businesses. Some of the laws overlap and repeat.

I questioned some of the examples, because the authors seem to overemphasize the importance of branding in the success or failure of the companies, and they overlook the many other factors that cont Powerful branding advice. I questioned some of the examples, because the authors seem to overemphasize the importance of branding in the success or failure of the companies, and they overlook the many other factors that contributed to their success or failure.Both eyes.

Business Evolutionist. Pranav Thapar. The unexpected always happens. Many marketers want to be number one or emulate what the leader does, but in most cases, this is not the best way. Companies are companies. If your name is bad, you have two choices: change the name or make fun of it.

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