Looking for a Worry Free Solution for eCommerce? Check out This Book Store Magento Theme Designed by Experienced Professionals. Check out the technical details, testimonials and hosting specifications before you download this top notch Book Store Magento Theme (#). Enjoy simple yet. Get 31 book store Magento themes & templates on ThemeForest. download book store Magento themes & templates from $ All created by our Global Community of.

Book Store Magento Theme

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download Fluence - Books Store Responsive Magento Theme by MagikCommerce on ThemeForest. Books Magento Theme / Books Magento. And with Magento bookstore themes you can provide just that. Give the viewers an unforgettable experience by installing a Magento online store theme to your. BookStore is a professionally designed Magento 2 theme suitable for bookstores, libraries, bookshops, digital products, ebooks, software apps.

With a glide of finger, shoppers can navigate within your store freely without loosing track. How convenient it is as less lost track means less lost sales.

With this handy Magento extension, you can personalize JM Bookshop at ease to suit your own taste. Practical and professional, this Magento extension is worth your click for more details 5. Give viewers the best reach of product details JM Quickview for the comfort of viewers Featuring JM Quickview extension , responsive Magento theme JM Bookshop allows you to give shoppers the most convenient accessibly way to product details. There will be no more loading new pages while browsing the product page; just a click to each item and the pop-up window for details will appear.

Sidebar product filter Sidebar filter in JM Bookshop This is the second time we have Homepage sidebar filter for our Magento ecommerce themes; the first time was for the lovely theme JM Siotis. With the sidebar filter, shoppers can easily reach out the specific items that suit their needs and wants most. The ranges of filter can be defined in the backend of JM Bookshop. Selective alternatives with sticky top panel and social sharing Sticky top panel in Magento theme JM Bookshop The Social sharing buttons are sticky, and placed on the left side of your e-stores for your customers to connect with you at ease.

Sticky top panel allows your viewers to swatch around some essential settings they might need. On the right of the top panel, shoppers can find the shopping cart to check what they have chosen so far. Therefore, you can make your products and brand more well-known by more customer on search engines. Mesa is specially designed with High Conversion Rate in mind; thus, customers can start selling online fast and effectively.

Hence, store owner can raise the loyalty of the customers to the website. Last but not least, integration Ves Mesa with useful extensions makes your website best perform with incredible function. Our brands. You are here: Free Ves Mesa Quick Info.

Not a member? Free download on Landofcoder.

Like it? For those really in a bind, the customer support is always there to answer any of your questions. Shop Town Victo If customization is your game, you may want to give consideration to the Victo Magento theme. Configurable in nearly every regard, users can change the headers and footers, all colors, menus, layouts, fonts, and search features.

Victo VG With practicality comes function and with function comes a happy customer. The VG theme is as practical as they come, with a fully responsive site layout featuring Ajaxcart, Quickview, Elevatezoom, Lightbox, Thumbslider and much more.

These features are not standard on all sites, but they should be. Then again, having an eCommerce shop that is more functional than your competition is probably not such a bad thing.

Much like nature itself, the template is both eye catching and unassuming, chaotic and organized. Organie Topzstore Sometimes you can have it all, and the Topzstore theme is proof.

4+ Best Magento 2 Book Store Themes 2019

Built with all of the important shopping features you need, the template can be applied to literally any style of consumer website. With customizable everything — including colors, fonts, headers, footers, menus, and more — Topzstore is like a block of marble just waiting for its sculptor. Organie Novetty Novetty is one of those templates that can become anything, as demonstrated by the portfolio of different layouts provided by the creator, CleverSoft. This is made possible through a mix-and-match interface that enables users to choose elements of each demo theme and then further customize specific features.

Novetty features unlimited header and footer options, Google fonts, sliders, sticky menus, slideshows, and pretty much anything else you might ever need for your store. The best part is that CleverSoft is continually pushing theme updates, ensuring that Novetty will keep up with emerging trends and styles.

Novetty Ultimo Is Ultimo the ultimate eCommerce theme? Who are we to say? What we do know is that it is incredibly customizable, featuring the ability to change nearly every element with unlimited colors, add backgrounds and shadows, and even select a maximum page width. There is so much you can do with the theme that it almost serves as a website builder in its own right. Similarly to the above template, the simplistic design is something that all Magento users can appreciate — but the built in features and functions are anything less than basic!

Perfectum BeautyShop A lot can be understood from a name — and the Beauty Shop theme is everything that its name might suggest. As far as responsive Magento themes go — this template just so happens to be one of the most effective available, and its modern design will be appreciated on any device used to view it. The Look Like template is less about bombarding your viewers with information and much better suited to compelling them into action via neatly arranged categories and sections.

Look Like GreatShop If a theme that is both versatile and interactive appeals to you, then check out the GreatShop template. Great Shop Argento As far as responsive, versatile and multi-compatible templates go — the Argento theme is definitely up there with the best of them.

The theme itself became one of the hottest selling in — and next year looks to be even more popular as the demand for a versatile theme with increased functionality continues to grow. Utilizing powerful Foundation 5 framework — the options to customize, integrate and implement a wide array of features and engaging elements has never been easier.

Where the Intenso template really stands out is in its diverse coding potential — and with the ability to draw on HTML, PHP and CSS alike; the theme could actually be one of the most versatile to date.

Originally released in — this theme has gone from strength to strength, and it saw an increase in sales in to rival even the most popular themes on the market. Nextlevel Shopper The Shopper 2. The Blanco theme does exactly that, and with the addition of a mega slider, two unique navigation headers to choose from, a variety of fonts to flick between and complete social network integration — it packs one heck of a punch.

Blanco Sahara Those in need of a professional looking website with minimal fuss will definitely want to take a look at the Sahara theme.

It is fun and easy to customize and suits a variety of Magento programming experiences. It has a full-color swatch to choose from, as well as being backed up by the liquid motion navigation. Being fluid in nature means a simplistic responsive layout and one that suits every single screen size imaginable — even curved television screens.

Where it really stands out from the crowd is in its widget-banner, for greater customization potential.

Bookstore CD/DVD Magento Theme

The Athlete Focus While the Focus theme is a multi-purpose theme, it does very well in the fashion world and the reason behind this is that with the clean, fresh backgrounds, you can make sure your fashion items pop the way they should on screen.

When it comes to touch friendly, this theme works magic on all mobile devices. In addition, there are many features such as the language switcher, social bookmarks, integration with Cloud Zoom and currency switcher, just to mention a few.

Well, it is. This template comes complete with options to personalize top sellers, navigation, scrolling and everything in between.

74 Magento Themes Guaranteed to Attract More Customers

Simply great. Celebrity Classyshop With so many store themes to choose from, the Classyshop found a way to stand out from the crowd without straying too far from the norm.

It may be a little better suited to selling in this instance however; what with the variety of product options, placements and other features. Colinus Chocolat Is there anything better than a classical template that emanates versatility? Considering the cost, this versatile theme is definitely worth the minor financial investment. Just incredibly versatile. Sagitta Furniture If selling upholstery and furniture is your forte then check the Furniture theme out right now.

This theme is simply perfect for furniture. With a one click installation option, as well as over 20 unique demos to choose from — you could have a fantastic looking website in no time at all, and at a fraction of the price when compared to other similar templates.

It also boasts unlimited uses and a fully responsive layout for even greater levels of creativity.

15 Most Usable Magento Bookstore Templates & Themes

Mango Le Santana Everyone loves a good online store, and the Santana is the epitome of this preference. It comes with all of the typical features responsiveness, HTML and CSS compatibility, color options, demos and more , but where it really leads the competition in the dust is with its unique zoom in function.

What this means in terms of products is the option for potential customers to view before they consider downloading. Just use high resolution images.

The SM Sport theme offers a responsive layout, a versatile background and complete control over functions and features. Apparel, accessories and equipment; you name it and it will undoubtedly benefit from the potential of this great looking ecommerce theme. There are so many features to consider, from the header drop down cart and slideshow banner images, all the way to the HTML5 and CSS3 versatility. Throw in responsiveness and social media integration for a winner.

Users will appreciate no less than 6 colors to choose from, and there are even option to customize the fonts, text and general layout, too. Being fully responsive has its perks, but what we really love about this template is the Ajax layer navigation that makes finding products as simple as it is to get around the site itself.

Petsy Shop Crafts If you make your own jewelry, furniture, or artwork in general then take a look at the Crafts theme. It clearly takes inspiration from the look and feel of Etsy stores, and why not? They do boast one of the highest conversion rates after all.Username Password Lost Password? SEO Optimized Want to get traffic on your website? Responsive design with Off-canvas layout JM Bookshop is fully responsive and ready to rock on all devices Comfortable for the go-mode, JM Bookshop supports responsive design.

Multiple language support will make your store available for users all over the world. Newsletter Popup: Newsletter helps to share your promotional messages with your customer.

Custom Product Tabs: Present your product in the best ways.

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