ELECTRICAL MACHINE 25 IMPORTANT MCQ PDF FOR UPCOMING EXAM BASIC ELECTRICAL MOSTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS PDF. Basic Electrical And Electronics Important MCQ PDF (c) electrical power to visible light conversion (d) none of above. Q electrical engineering multiple choice questions and answers pdf download plz send me basic electronics & electrical mcq to my mail

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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions MCQ. March 23, level of education. From basic electrical questions to advanced topics. Objective Questions or MCQs on Basic Electrical >> 01) When a dielectric is placed in an electric field the field strength decreases. Objective Questions or MCQs on Basic Electrical >> 01) What is mean by the rate of flow of an electric charge? Electric current Electric.

The drift velocity of the Electrons is of the order of,. Two heaters A and B are connected in parallel across a suitable supply. The heater A produces heat Kcal in 10 minutes while the heater B produces kcal in 5 minutes. If the resistance of heater A is 10 ohm, then the resistance of the heater B is.

The electrical energy required to raised the temperature of a given amount of water is Kwh. Five W, V heaters are connected in series across a v supply. The total power consumed by heater under this condition will be. Unit 2 objective questions 1. When a current carrying conductor is brought into magnetic field, the force that moves the Conductor depends upon a. Direction of current c. Value of current b. Length of conductor d. None of the these 2.

Two current carrying conductors laying parallel to each other are exerting a force of attraction on each other. The current are a. Very high c. Low b. In opposite direction d. In same direction 3. Two conductors are laying parallel and close to each other.

They are carrying current in opposite direction.


The force between them is a. Repulsive b. Attractive c. Zero d. None of above 4. Permeance is analogous to a. Resistance b. Reluctance c. Conductance d.

MCQs on Current Electricity (Physics) with Answers

None of above 5. When a coil consisting of single turn rotates at a uniform speed in magnetic field, the induced emf is a. Steady b. Alternating c. Changing d. Reversing 6.

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The emf induced in a conductor of length 1 meter moving at right angles to a uniform magnetic field of flux density 1. Which of the following statement is incorrect? Whenever the flux linking with the coil or circuit change , an emf is induced. The coefficient of self inductance is proportional to the square of number of turns on it. Coefficient of coupling for tightly coupled coil is zero. The coefficient of self inductance of a coil is defined as a.

The induced emf in a coil of 0. The inductance of the coil is a. A coil of radius R has turns and a self inductance of 32 mH. The inductance of similar coil of turns will be a. The self inductance of two coils are 3 H and 27 H. The mutual inductance is a. The two coils have self inductance of 0. The coefficient of coupling between coil is a. Two coils X and Y are placed in a circuit such that a current changes by 2 A in coil X and the magnetic flux change of 0.

The mutual inductance of coil is a. Mutual inductance between two coils is 4 H. Relative permeability of vacuum is a. Unit of magnetic flux is Weber a. Weber b. Ampere turn c. Tesla d. Coulomb Point out the wrong statement- The magnetizing force at the centre of a circular coil varies a. Directly as the number of its turns c. Directly as radius b. Directly as the current d. D inversely as its radius. When a magnet is heated a. Its gain magnetism c. Its neither gain nor loss the magnetism b.

Its loss magnetism d.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Basic Electrical Engineering

None of the above The magnetic material used in permanent magnet is a. Iron b. Soft steel c. Nickel d. Hard steel The magnetic material used in temporary magnet is a. Hard steel b. Cobalt steel c. Soft iron d. Tungsten steel Magnetic flux density is a a. Vector quantity b. Scalar quantity c. Phasor d. The relative permeability of a ferromagnetic material is its absolute permeability will be a.

The main advantages of temporary magnet is that we can a. One weber is equal to a. Magnetic field intensity is a a. Scalar quantity b. Vector quantity c. When the relative permeability of material is slightly less than 1, it is called a a. Diamagnetic material c. Ferromagnetic material b.

Paramagnetic material d. When the relative permeability of material is much greater than 1, it is called a a. The source of magnetic field is a.

An isolated magnetic pole c. Magnetic substances b. Static electric charge d. Current loop A magnetic needle is kept in a uniform magnetic field. It experience. A force and a torque c. A torque but not force b. A force but not a torque d. Neither a torque nor a force The unit of pole strength is a.

Mmf b. Magnetizing force d. Magnetic flux density A magnetic needle is kept in a non uniform magnetic field. It experiences a. Magnetic flux passes more readily through a. Air b. Wood c. Vacuum d. Iron Demagnetizing of magnet can be done by a. Rough handling.

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Heating c. Magnetizing in opposite direction d. All the above 5 The magnetic flux in the magnetic circuit is a. A 2 Cm long coil has 10 turns and carries a current of m A. The magnetizing force of the coil is a.

The reluctance of a magnetic circuit is ………. Relative permeability of the material comprising the circuit. Directly proportional to c. Independent of b. Inversely proportional to d. MMF in a magnetic circuit corresponding to ……………. In an electric circuit.

Voltage drop b. Potential difference c. Electric intensity d. Emf The magnitude of AT required for air gap is much greater than that required for iron part of magnetic circuit because…..

Air is a conductor of magnetic flux b. Air has the lowest relative permeability d. The reluctance of the magnetic circuit depends upon a. Current in the coil c.

Flux density in the circuit b. Number of turns of coil d. The B- H curves Curve of ……… will not be a straight line a.

Soft iron c. Harden steel d. Silicon steel Whatever may be the flux density in ……….. Soft iron b.

The B-H curve of …… will not be a straight line. The B-H curve is used to find the mmf of …….

In a magnetic circuit. Air gap b. Noise is basically a…… a random signal b unwanted electrical signal c disturbance signal d above all Q. The Voice Frequency VF range is …. The AM radio broadcast range is…….. Radio navigation and Aeronautical mobile frequency range is….. Following is the main advantage of twisted pair cable a Simple in construction b Cancellation of EMI pick-up from neighbour wire c Cross talk is minimized d Above all Q.

Optical fiber cable carries following a Electrical signal b Light signal c Sound signal d None of above Q. The function of cladding in fiber cable is…… a to reflect the light back into core b to reflect the light into silica coating c to reflect the scattered light into coated strengthening fibers d to reflect the light into cable jacket Q.

Refractive index of core in fiber cable compared to cladding is a high b low c equal d extremely low Q. The process of varying amplitude of sine wave carrier signal according to the instantaneous voltage of sine wave modulating signal is known as ….

The cable RG is used for ….. PSTN analog telephone system is example of… a microwave communication b wired communication c radio communication d satellite communication Q. The modulation index factor is the rate of….. The loss of information in AM wave is known as… a under modulation b over modulation c attenuation d rectification Q.

IF amplifier used in AM receiver is basically a… a wideband amplifier b narrowband amplifier c R-C coupled amplifier d direct coupled amplifier Q.

The modulation index corresponding to maximum deviation and maximum modulating frequency is called as… a modulation index b deviation ratio c pre-emphasis factor d de- emphasis factor Q.

The connection between hexagonal cells and PSTN is handled by…. In cellular transmitter system, the carrier generated by frequency synthesizer uses following modulation by the amplified voice signal from microphone a Frequency modulation b Phase modulation c AM modulation d None of above Q. In the non-inverting amplifier if the feedback resistor is open, the voltage gain a Increases b Decreases c is not affected d depend on Ri Q.

The closed loop gain is a , b c d Q. If the value of maximum power dissipation of zener diode is 1W with the zener voltage of 8V. For a certain 12V Zener diode, a 10mA change in zener current produces 0.

Compared to a visible red LED, an infrared LED a produces light with shorter wavelengths b produces light with all wavelengths c produces only one color of light d produces light with longer wavelengths Q. If you are checking a 60Hz full wave bridge rectifier and observe that the output has a 60Hz ripple. A 60V peak full wave rectified voltage is applied to a capacitor input filter.

A certain power supply filter produces an output with a ripple of mV peak to peak and dc value of 20V. The ripple factor is a 0. The ripple factor of bridge rectifier is a 0. The basic purpose of filter is to a minimize variations in a.

COM a the only current is hole current b the only current is electron current c the only current is produced by majority carriers d the current is produced by both holes and electrons Q. A voltage regulator is a circuit which a Converts ac voltage to dc voltage b Smoothens the ac variation in dc output voltage c Maintain a constant dc output voltage in spite of the fluctuations in ac input voltage or load current d None of above Q.

A bridge wave rectifier is preferable to an ordinary two diode full wave rectifier because a it need much smaller transformer for the same output b it uses four diode c its transformer does not require center tap d All the above Q.

Which rectifier requires four diodes a half wave voltage doubler b full wave voltage doubler c full wave bridge circuit d voltage quadrupler Q. Junction breakdown of a PN junction occurs a with forward bias b with reverse bias c because of manufacturing defect d None of above Q.

A PN junction diodes dynamic conductance is directly proportional to a the applied voltage b temperature c the current d the thermal voltage Q. In a full wave rectifier, the current in each of the diodes flows for a complete cycle of the input signal b half cycle of the input signal c less than half of the input signal d None of above Q. Difference amp. COM Q. A zener diode works on the principal of a tunneling of charge carriers across junction b thermionic emission c diffusion of charge carriers across junction d hopping of charge carriers across junction Q.

The applied input ac power to a half wave rectifier is watts. The d. What is the rectification efficiency? A half wave rectifier has an input voltage of V rms if the step down transformer has turns ratio of , what is the load voltage?

A crystal diode having internal resistance of 20 ohm is used for half wave rectification.Soft iron d. Dear sir Can you send me PDF files in my mail id. The B-H curve of …… will not be a straight line.

If the value of maximum power dissipation of zener diode is 1W with the zener voltage of 8V. Hi sir, Could you please send me solutions for this material to my mail id Please. COM a the only current is hole current b the only current is electron current c the only current is produced by majority carriers d the current is produced by both holes and electrons.

Hard steel b. Nice questions sir ……please provide me to my email id saddamhussain gmail.

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