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S1 thesis, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. This study describes the kinship of Java language and the Bali language based on Javanese Bausastra and Bali Dictionary.

The kinship of the both languages can be seen from the corresponding words and percentage between Javanese and Balinese. This study is a descriptive study.

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The source of data in this study are Java dictionary essay namely S. Prawiroatmodjo and Bali-Indonesia Dictionary lexicographer essay committee Bali-Indonesia, Department teaching level 1 area of Bali province headed by Drs.

I Wayan Warna.

This study uses an analysis of comparative historical linguistics. Data collection technique in this study was by using reading and noting technique.

The data analysis uses descriptive way of explaining the correspondence of sounds and meanings as well as calculate the percentage of words that correspond. The validity of the data used is the validity of the triangulation theory, meanwhile the reliability used is the stability reliability. The results of this study is formed the sound and meaning correspondence along with the kinship of Javanese and Balinese percentage.

The form of the correspondence relates to vowels and consonants phonemes. Reduplication; Doubled and reduplicated roots, as well as plain roots, undergo processes 4. Prefixation; 5. Circumfixation simultaneous prefixing and suffixing ; 6. Suffixation; 7. Infixation insertion of an affix into a root ; A process unique to adjectives is: 8.

These processes are described below. Since the affixes are all defined in the dictionary, they are not detailed here. A raised dot, used herein to show morphological division, does not interrupt the range of the symbol 2: m-uni2 is to be read muni-muni; ny-siji2 is to be read nyiji-nyiji [for ny see p.

Nearly any root can be doubled, and doubling changes the meaning of a form in a great variety of ways. It would be wasteful indeed to list every possible doubled form of every root in a dictionary; doubling is a productive process and ought to have its own definition, as the affixes have, in this dictionary.

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Being a process rather than a word, it cannot be alphabetized among the other entries, and so it is comprehensively defined here. The reader will find specific meanings which apply to specific roots listed in the individual dictionary entries, and should infer the general meanings from the definition below.

Anak-anake tansah diawat-awati. She kept a constant eye on her children.

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Manuk-manuk kang sabane ing banyu all kinds of water birds. Godhong-godhongan foliage. Kewan cilik-cilik small animals.

He saw something black in the room. Awan-awan kok turu! You're sleeping in the daytime-!? He may be no good but he's still you relative. Where are you going on such a hot day i.

Get me a bamboo stalk -a short one will be all right. I'm so thirsty! I'll have a drink of water. Don't make the sauce too hot! Aja adoh-adoh. Don't wander too far. Keep it brief! Never say again.

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Aja kandha-kandha sapa-sapa lho. Don't tell anyone!

Catch the thief-there, to the north! When he woke up he looked around for his mother. When it's hot, iced drinks taste good. Let's eat. Let's take a break first.

He didn't get up till morning. You can't go out till you've eaten.

I've waited a long time but he hasn't showed up. A and B smiled. He waited and waited but she never showed up. RATS transmit plague. Wong-wongan dummy; mannequin; scarecrow. Wherever I go, I go by car. You're always studying!

I eat meat regularly. I always wear a jacket when I go out. Let's compare our arithmetic to see if we got it right.

Etung-etungan to try to outperform each other in arithmetic. There's no point in competing to see who is better - let's do it together. Make your story brief!Don't wander too far. The purpose of this study was to determine the shape of preservation of the Javanese language in Krama in the society in Sragen and functions of the use of the Javanese language in Krama in society in Sragen.

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He saw something black in the room. Once in a while, a word is treated phonologically as having a cluster but morphologically like a split cluster form; this occurs with some loan words. Therefore, the percentage of them are family category. Demikian pula adanya istilah yang khas, seperti: Kokuwe artinya "sepertimu", Tak nDangka'i artinya "aku kira", Jebhul no'o artinya "ternyata", Lha mbuh artinya "tidak tau", Ora dermoho artinya "tak sengaja", Wegah ah artinya "tak mau", Nghang priye artinya "bagaimana", Di Bya bae ra artinya "dihadapi saja", dan masih banyak lainnya.

For the benefit of the foreigner, we cite words with their diacritics in place, but alphabetize them in with the unaccented and undotted words.

S1 thesis, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. The reader will find specific meanings which apply to specific roots listed in the individual dictionary entries, and should infer the general meanings from the definition below.

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