adminComment(0) - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. quick guide to correct your vision naturally. Vision Program. The to get started with the exercises “#5 – Out” chart is a full 8. Scroll exercises described in your Rebuild Your down and click “Print. By using the eye exercises in this report, my brother improved his vision from 20/ 85 to 20/20 of the millions of people who suffer from poor and deteriorating eyesight. And that's how Rebuild .. this or any other vision improvement program.

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Program for Better Vision I can see — without glasses — in the distance much clearer am in control of my eyesight and I plan on continuing with The Program. How Rebuild Your Vision's eye exercises gave me real natural eyesight Remember that the Rebuild Your Vision program is designed to treat people with: . improve your vision is available in our digital library an online access to it is set Eye Vitamins | Improve Your Vision | Rebuild Your Vision patients say when asked "What changes have you seen as a result of a Vision Therapy program" or.

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Imran Sohail. Popular in Computing And Information Technology. Varun Kumar. Follow a perfect circle with your eyes dont cut corners , times in one direction, and in the other. Same as point 4, but look up i.


Again, make sure that you maintain good mood throughout, as this is vital. Make each move comfortable, increase your good mood with every cycle. And dont foget to blink after every exercise.

Do same as point 4, but with your eyes closed. Do same as point 5, but with your eyes closed. Look on to the top left corner eyes are open again , bottom left corner, top right corner, and.

The do the same, but in the opposite direction. Draw a horizontal 8, do about 8 times in each direction. Now draw 8 vertically, also around 8 times in each direction.

Look at your nose, then look straight, but take your attention to the sides, noticing object which exist by each side of you you cannot physically look in different directions, but you can pay attention to these objects, noticing them with your side vision. Then look at the bridge of your nose, and, again, to the sides, as above.

Lastly, look between your eyebrows, then to the sides again. Do this cycle 4 times. Sit up straight, close your eyes, and relax as much as you can - relax the whole body, and eye muscles in particular.

To help yourself relax, image of nature helps most people. Now slowly, calmly open your eyes, and calmly start blinking, without tension, just like the butterfly does when it moves its wings 10 seconds or so is enough. And last stage. Relaxing your eyes as much as possible. Rub your hands against each other, until you feel they are getting worm 10 - 15 seconds , then put them in a cross, one on another, and put them on your face.

Your eyes must rest right in the middle of your palms, but not touch them. Make sure there is no light coming through, and close your eyes. Fully relax meaning your shoulders will go down, face relaxed, tong in a hanging state etc.

Sit in this position for around 4 minutes, and then slowly put down your hands, keeping your eyes close. Increase relaxation, think of nature. After about a minute in this state, stretch, take a deep breath, and open your eyes, while breathing out. Although this is by no means everything that I know and that I did I spent my whole day for full 40 days working on my health - just preventive maintenance, as, thank god, I have a perfect health, and I am still very young anyway , while restoring my eyesight and my health, this will be enough to restore your vision.

Another couple of very powerful exercises for your eyes that you should also implement are the solarising exercise, and the eye musclebuilding exercise. Solarising exercise: Sun is our friend. Our eyes have a way of adopting to the sun light - when we look at the sun, it is good for our eyes.

It is, however, very important to not over do it - best to look at the sun either in the morning, when it is rising, or in the evening, when it is going down. Do not look at it directly, if you have any problems with your eyes, but dont worry, if you dont know of any problems that you have - if thats the case, then you probably dont.

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You may also close your eyes, if the sun is too bright to look at I did. Look at it for about one minute or so, also look left, right, up, down - turn your head etc. Eye muscle-building exercise: So, heres what you do for this one: Do this around times. Spending just 3 minutes a day on this exercise is enough. Fully relax your eye muscles while doing this and always try to keep your eyes relaxed anyway, this will speed up the process by a tonn.

Again, all of these exercises are closely coupled with health training or restoration, for some , and the real secret is to. Very simple.

Another tip for you, if you want to speed up the process, if you want to see eyesight fluctuations sooner - thats the indication that you are on your way to restoring your vision, then do the following: Close your eyes, and relax for about 30 seconds or so Then look onto the distance outside your window if you dont see anything there at all yet, then use an eye test table - like those you see at opticians, when you go for an eyesight check up.

Feel really good, and you will start noticing the fluctuations. It is suggested to do the exercises for 4 days, and then have a break of 2 days - as this is how our bodies work, 2 steps forward, one step backwards.

You would most likely see that one day your eyesight is better, the next it appears worse than the day before, but it is always constantly improving, no matter what you may think, or see.

It is improving for everybody, but everyone's pace is different. Everybody, however, see first improvements during the day - will first start fluctuating during the day, then, after a while, youll see the same fluctuations in dark lighting conditions - thats when you are almost there: I really hope that you have found this information useful, and I sincerely wish you all the best in rebuilding your vision! Legal note: All of this material is protected with a copyright to Andrei S. Petunin, , and can only be distributed as a whole document, unless permission is granted to do otherwise.

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Search inside document. Ahmed S. Urungu Urungita. Kaushal Kishor Sharma. Miskan Febriani. Pamela Louise. Jerixan Castrojo. Vivien Ting. Ar Hitesh Parmar. Popular in Human Science.

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Danish Hussain. Montserrat Ontiveros, Evidecia 3, Montserrat Ontiveros. Trends, Network and Critical Thinking in the 21st Century. Corina Tengher.In a thrilling A Memoir Based on a True Story. Although these techniques are not utilised by the masses due to our deliberate disinformation , they were, none the less, used for generations before us, and millions of people around the world have successfully restored their vision using these techniques, which I will share with you here. Everybody, however, see first improvements during the day - will first start fluctuating during the day, then, after a while, youll see the same fluctuations in dark lighting conditions - thats when you are almost there :o And once you have restored your vision, it is highly recommended to continue doing the exercises for at least another month - to absolutely make sure that youve restored your vision, once and for all, no matter what.

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